Native Meadow Testimonials


"Christina, Thank you for your help with this project, it would not be possible without your vision.”

-Stephanie Everett-Johnson  Sr. Environmental Specialist  PECO Environmental Services, in reference to Exelon Corporation/PECO obtaining the 2011 Wildlife at Work℠ Certification for the Manor Road project from the Wildlife Habitat Council


“This project  demonstrates a great way to maintain our transmission corridors, beautify the region, and benefit local wildlife.”

- Alexander Brown,  Manager, Vegetation Management at PECO Energy, in regards to the twenty acre Manor Road transmission corridor Right-of-Way native grassland meadow and riparian restoration.


“Christina- It was a pleasure working with you, as I have seldom worked with a professional who was as dedicated, task oriented and so committed to see everything was done properly by all parties involved in the project. The compliments we have received from Supervisors and residents is further testimony to the quality of your work.  Again, Thank you"    

 - Chris van de Velde,  Whitemarsh Township Manager regarding the Manor Creek Streamside Habitat project


“Christina is a passionate lecturer/speaker when it comes to the importance of balanced ecosystems. One key element as she explains is biodiversity and the benefits of native or indigenous plants to address diminishing wildlife habitat. Christina presents a very down to earth argument not using anecdotal but historical accounts and case studies of her achievements to illustrate stormwater management and cost saving benefits of the Native Return approach."

-Calvin M. Davenger, Jr., Deputy Director of Aviation Planning & Environmental Stewardship, Division of Aviation 

Philadelphia International Airport



"How wonderful to be in Philadelphia's Chestnut Hill Library, where Christina Kobland presented, through a lively narrative and a stunning slideshow, the principles and beauty of Native Return. Do people know that most of the species brought to extinction over the last 500 years lived right here in the United States? And that urban and suburban land owners can actually have an impact to shift the tide? Thanks to Christina Kobland, the people of greater Philadelphia know it, and we're grateful that Native Return restores a love for the natural biocommunity, and all its precious life, to our minds and our landscapes."

- Lee Hall, JD., Vice President - Legal Affairs Friends of Animals